Odds & Ends

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope you’ve had a good week, are feeling well, and staying connected.

Just a few items to mention:

  • Missions, outreach, and everyday expenses don’t stop for COVID-19. Donations to NCUMC may be mailed to P.O. Box 194, New Castle KY 40050.
  • Bible Study on Philippians, Wednesday nights @ 6:30 with Cory on Facebook.
  • Recommended reading this week is from Scot McKnight at his blog, Jesus Creed. His essay, “Wasting the Crisis” is a call for us to think about how the COVID pandemic has provided many of us with moments of clarity and learning — things we shouldn’t let go to waste as we emerge from the crisis.
  • I’ve been doing some independent study of the Letter of James and will be sharing a little of what I learn here on our class site. Just a little personal Bible study… nothing formal by any means, but I certainly welcome discussion!

Calling All NCUMC Guest Bloggers! If there’s a spiritual, scriptural, or general Christian topic you’re interested in writing about (or something you’ve read that you’d like to share) send me a note via Facebook Messenger. I would love to post your contribution here on Sunday Morning, Continued. Be brave and add to our online conversation!

Closing today with a bit of humor…

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.

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