As I listened to Cory’s sermon yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of Chapter 9 on “Gratitude” in Learning to Pray. I had just read it and – still fresh in my mind – I started thinking about how much life has changed over the last month, and how we’re each discovering in our own ways how little we actually have control over.

It made me think of all the things I miss from “before”:  worshiping together in one location, sitting in a crowded stadium watching the Packers play football, laughing with family at one dinner table. At the same time, I realized how little gratitude I had for all those things when I had them.  How I rarely, or never, said “thank you.”

I think there may be a direct connection between how much control we think we have over parts of our lives, and the measure of our gratitude. Think about it. It’s simply impossible to be thankful or grateful to someone else when you think you’ve accomplished something on your own.

Dr. Kalas says, “Gratitude is the recognition that no one is a solitary achiever.” So, if I think I have total control over things in my life, then I’m it. There is no one else to thank. But friends, every human being is a debtor. And until I admit how little I have sole control of, how much difference others have made in my life, I’ll never truly be able to express appropriate gratitude.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens too often in my relationship with God. Saying thank you, showing gratitude, acknowledging God working in my life and the lives of others… How many opportunities have I allowed – continue to allow – to slip by? What about you? What gratitude and thankfulness is going unspoken in your life right now? How can we heighten our awareness of just how blessed we are, and then live out our gratitude?


My Heavenly Father, thank you for the blessings in my life. Thank you for providing me with wisdom and discernment in unsettling times. Thank you for providing me with strength and courage in frightening situations. Thank you for wrapping me in the reassurance of your love through scripture, and the working of the Holy Spirit through others during times when I think I’m completely alone. God, thank you. Jesus, thank you. Holy Spirit, thank you. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. This so true! I have had a lot of time to thing about all the thing I have taken for granted lately like being able to freely go where I want, shop when I want and all the blessings each and everyday!

    I am, however, truly blessed to be healthy at home and spend more quality time with my family and working in my home to do list!

    Thanks for all you encouraging words Kim!


    1. I’m so grateful that Greg and I are able to work from home, and I’m extremely thankful for all the ways we’re able to keep in touch with friends. Like you guys! 😍


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