Ultimate Friendship

What an amazing discussion we had during Sunday School today as we started Chapter 1 of Longing to Pray! Please feel free to share our website information with others who might be interested in learning more about prayer, especially those unable to join us in person (shut-ins, those recovering from illness, a co-worker two counties over, your cousin out West… maybe as far West as Hawaii LOL!).

Our brainstorming board from this morning is below, as well as a brief outline of things we discussed:


  1. More people pray than believe in God. Sounds odd, doesn’t it? This was the conclusion of a study conducted in Britain. The study also revealed that most of the prayers sent up by both believers and non-believers are somewhat self-serving (praying in desperation, or wanting prayer “just in case”). However, all prayers – no matter what the motivation or belief of the individual – reflect a very innate, human need/desire to speak with a higher power…. maybe it’s the tug of the Holy Spirit. We just need to remember that there are many different ways to talk to God that don’t involve asking for something we want or need (praise, thanks, forgiveness for others).
  2. We all desire to pray well. But what does that mean, really? Sometimes our prayers are extremely basic – help, thanks, and wow – and they might not be the most eloquent prayers. Thankfully, there aren’t any wrong ways to pray. As long as we talk to God (even with all our uhs and ums), our Father listens. Something as simple as “God, be merciful to me, a sinner” reflects our relationship with God as our Lord and King who has the power and desire to forgive our sins – a need we have on a daily basis. Bottom line:  Don’t let fear of not praying the “right” way keep you from doing it.
  3. The Psalms are the very heart of the Bible. Located in the center of the Bible, the Psalms are poems, songs, and prayers that reflect every human emotion. Our hearts can be broken, inspired, filled with joy. The Psalms capture it all. As Dr. Kalas says, the authors of the Psalms are experts in prayer. We will learn so much from them by “listening in” on their conversations with God.

Next Sunday we’ll wrap up any lingering thoughts on Ch. 1 and move on into Chapter 2. Comments are enabled on all blog entries, so continue the discussion here throughout the week if you like 🙂

God, thank you for such an awe-inspiring group of people to worship and study with. Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit who compels each one of us to seek you out so that we may share with you our praise, love, cares, frustrations, and fears; through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment.

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