Vatican Museum 2019 KJ

Peace be to the brothers, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Grace be with all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with love incorruptible.” Ephesians 6:23-24

As we talked about during this morning’s class, the Greeks had four primary words for love: agape, eros, storge, and philia. The one Paul chooses to use in his letters is agape – a self-sacrificing, unconditional love like the one God has for his children. This is the type of love shared by Christians who form the body of Christ. It is a love that calls for action.

The New York Life Insurance Company released a commercial this past Super Bowl Sunday that talks about the ancient Greek words for love. In the end, it’s still a commercial; but, they do a really good job of reminding us of the truly important things in life. Click to view:  Agape Commercial